4 generations of experience

In the 60s, Cecilio Arnauda decided to create a company that would offer apiculture products of great quality to the public, in top quality conditions;

Cecilio had great knowledge of bees products that he himself was very use to consuming, he was the third generation of a bee-keepers' family, and evidence of the benefits in his own health of these natural products was constant.
Today, Mielar is a family enterprise with two name brands: “ARNAUDA PRODUCTOS APICOLAS” and “Madre Tierra”, which offer an elegant selection of high quality natural and nutritional products.


Tradition, innovation and prestige are our principals.
From the cork beehives, used by our ancestors one century ago, up to our current researches and developments in our apiculture products, we have been able to obtain, year after year, an ideal selection of products.


Once clean of impurities, we maintain the original quality of the apiculture products. The most important part of the process to assure high quality has already taken place before, in the selection of the product.
A sample of each of the products is taken to our laboratory and checked, to verify its quality and excellence.


Mielar commercializes, through its name brands: "Arnauda Productos Apícolas" and "Madre Tierra", a high quality selection of natural products that come from apiculture and biological agriculture. For people that want to take the best care of their own and their families’ health.

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